How the Casey Crumbles

Casey Anthony’s trial for the murder of Caylee Anthony is now scheduled for May 2, 2011.  No, that is not a typo. Next year.  And who knows if it will happened then since the defense said that they needed five years to prepare for trial.

But that isn’t the only news in the case.  Prosecutors sent a request to Judge Strickland, asking for a closed door meeting without any defense team members present.  They claim to have new evidence–blockbuster information and material on the case that they do not wish to disclose to the public.
Heaven knows what they’re hiding in their poker hand but I imagine there will be a lot of rumors before the truth is finally ferreted out.

Still Lost in Space

In the case of Lisa Nowak, the former astronaut with the extreme over-reaction to a love rival, the civilian court has spoken, agreeing to a no-prison time plea agreement if Lisa admitted to her guilt.  Now it’s the Navy’s turn.  They will decide the military punishment she should receive for driving across country, stalking and attacking Colleen Shipman, the new girlfriend of Astronaut Bill Oefelein

Officials from the Naval Criminal Investigations office have taken custody on the evidence in the case prosecuted in Orlando.  According to Lieutenant Commander Mark Tilford, the attorney from the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, it’s all in the Admiral’s hands now.

There is a broad range of possibilities facing Lisa Nowak.

  • Dismissal from the Navy: in this option, she could lose her pension, be imprisoned and face a possible fine.
  • Administrative Action:  She could be demoted and forced to retire.  If that were done, she could receive a lesser pension or that of her current rank as a captain.
  • A letter of reprimand: Placed in her file this would, in all liklihood, block any career advancement.
  • A letter of censure:  The most lenient option.  This letter would not become a part of her permanent file.
  • A letter of censure. This would not be placed in her file and is the most lenient of the options.

 Although Tilford reports that the Admiral is making progress toward a decision on a course of action but as not reached a conclusion yet.  And Tilford has no idea of when he will.


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