Today’s news in the Casey Anthony case comes in two forms–one bizarre, the other mysterious.  In the first category we have an update on the Anthony’s home foreclosure situation.

Everybody’s favorite black-hatted Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla, said that he wants to ride to the family’s rescue to keep the foreclosure from happening.  Of course, Brad Conway had to tell reporters that the his clients don’t want Padilla’s help.  Mr. Conway may regret that comment–the Anthonys don’t have a history of following their attorneys instructions.  And if George and Cindy are down and out, they might welcome any hand willing to pull them out of the mire–even one they’d bitten once before.

The mysterious news comes from the Orange County Circuit Court of Judge Stan Strickland.
After a review of the state’s sealed request, the judge agreed that the prosecution had a good reason to temporarily withhold evidence from the defense and the public.  What is this super secret, confidential stuff?  The only clues given are that it is “certain material and information” that’s “come into the possession of law enforcement.”
Sort of sounds like evidence dropped from the heavens onto a patrolman’s windshield, or found beneath a pumpkin in a lonely farmer’s field or located behind the john in the last stall of the ladies’ room in WalMart.  Nothing in this case would surprise me.

It will be very interesting to learn what it turns out to be.  At least, I hope it is interesting and not just more of the much ado about nothing that has had the rumor mills in Orlando busy since the day of Casey’s arrest.