This week, a second person pulled out of the defense team for Casey Anthony.  You can doubt but accept the reason given when one person leaves but when the second one followed close on the  heels of attorney Todd Maculso‘s departure, you can’t help but to think of those proverbial rats and the sinking ship.

What really is behind these sudden vanishing acts?  Pure coincidence?   A tightening noose?  A bankrupt defense fund?  We can only speculate.  We certainly can be sure we won’t get a straight answer from the latest deserter, P.R. diva Marti Mackenzie.
I know some of you picked up on my use of “diva” right away and drew the conclusion that Ms. Mackenzie and I must have some history.  Well, you’re right.  It wasn’t with MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, my book about this case.  It goes back a little bit further to 2006 when I was writing OUT THERE, the story of astronaut Lisa Nowak, the diapers, the stalking and the love triangle.


I respectfully contacted her about her client, Lisa Nowak. Ms. Mackenzie proceeded to scold me and call me names for daring to write a book.  I actually thought that was pretty funny.  But then, she took it a step further.

She placed a call to my Senior Editor at St. Martin’s Press and yelled at him, too.  Not exactly the professional behaviour you’d expect from someone whose job of making the client look good.  That conduct was why I was not surprised when she was hired by Jose Baez.

In other news about the case this week, the judge decided that he would not meet with the prosecution in the absence of the defense.  However, he conceded, he would review the material that raised the state’s concern before deciding about the timing of its release as discovery.

Also, the State Attorney’s Office publicly released more of the discovery this week that they’d already provided to the defense–photographs and documents.

What evoked a visceral response in me were the pictures of the baby doll.  It brought my mind back to where it belonged.  It is often hard to maintain the proper focus in the midst of the Baez and Anthony three-ring circus.  That doll did it.

It’s all about Caylee.

Never forget it.

Her life was short but it had tremendous value.

And she calls to us for justice and whispers a fervent wish: don’t let this happen again.