Whenever I hear the song Killing Him by Amy LaVere, it always makes me think of Mary Winkler.  The line “Killing him didn’t take the love away” echoes the sentiments Mary expressed after shooting her sleeping husband in the back.

Mary told the world: Sure, I held the shotgun that delivered the fatal injury to Matthew but I still love him.  Sounds like the story of Amy’s inspiration for her poetry.  She was watching the news when she saw a woman led away in handcuffs shouting the hook of the song to reporters.

Now, there’s an actual song about Mary, written and performed by the Drive-By Truckers, The Wig He Made Her Wear.  I find it pretty ironic that their focus is on that dubious piece of so-called evidence.

If you have any awareness of sexual fantasy role-playing, one thing is clear: when one wants one’s partner to put on a wig, one wants to make one’s partner appear like a different person.  In contrast, the wig displayed in the courtroom was short and brown-haired just like Mary’s own tresses.  And it wasn’t the actual wig that Mary claimed Matthew made her wear.


Just like the shoe–it wasn’t real.  That reality slid past many courtroom observers.  Mary did not say the white platform hooker shoe she showed the world was the one Matthew made her wear, she said it was like the black shoes he had her put on her feet.


In other words, the wig and the shoe were just props.  Nothing but theatre designed by the defense.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If I ever kill anyone, I want Steve Farese for my attorney.  He managed to get a sentence that required only sixty-seven days incarceration after the verdict for a woman who killed a man in his sleep.  And he did it pro bono.


What defendant could ask for anything more from his lawyer?