This chicken kind of sums it up for me.  I don’t know where I am– I’m not gone but I’m not really here, either.  Unlike the chicken,  I’m not exactly sure if I am where I should be, but I know that I’m definitely where I need to be.


Entering the home stretch of a May 3rd manuscript deadline for the fourth Lucinda Pierce novel, I don’t hear most of what is said to me; I don’t give sensible answers to most questions asked of me; and I mumble to myself a lot.

To add to that typical finishing-a-manuscript chaos, I am trying to squeeze in a bit of publicity for  MISTAKEN IDENTITY, the third Lucinda Pierce book, now popping up in bookstores everywhere.

Right now, almost every waking moment–and sometimes in my sleeping ones–I am residing in the universe of Homicide Detective Lucinda Pierce.  It’s a far more exciting place than my world but I miss spending time writing on this blog, battling with 140 characters on Twitter and visiting group sites to chat with readers and friends.  A little temporary internet discipline is probably good for the soul but having to skip my yoga classes might make me crazy.

Nonetheless, I won’t be totally incommunicado for the next month.  You’ll find me at these places:

I’ll be back here when I can, tweet on occasion and catch up with the real world when possible.

And, Mom, if you miss me too much this month, go to the Reading Room on my website–you can click a cover, read a chapter from any one of my books and pretend I’m reading aloud just to you.