I worked in radio for 15 years and often grow rather nostalgic for those radio days.
My fondness for radio has continued to grow now that I have done interviews about my books on dozens of radio stations across the country.
Because of these both these experiences I really appreciated the praises of radio I read last night in a novel.  I simply had to share this book excerpt and dedicated it to all the strange characters and good friends I’ve met in Radio land.


“Radio hosts, both talk-jocks and traditional tune-spinners, do better interviews than TV types. Rare is the TV interviewer who has read your book, but eight of ten radio hosts will have read it.
“Radio folks are brighter and funnier, too–and often quite humble.  I don’t know why this last should be true, except perhpas the greater fame of facial recognition, which comes from regular television exposure, encourages pridefulness that ripens into arrogance.”

Thank you, Dean!