On Friday, a judge in Orlando ended former astronaut Lisa Nowak’s one year probation, three months early.  He called her a “model probationer” and said she’d fulfilled all the conditions of her probationary period.  Along with community service, fines and travel limitations, she was required to send a letter of apology to Colleen Shipman, the woman she attacked.  At one time, Nowak was charged with attempted murder and many in law enforcement still believe she intended to kill her love rival.

That same day in North Carolina, the owls of the world celebrated as Judge Orlando Hudson ordered an end to a long-running comedy. Ever since Michael Peterson’s conviction for the murder of his wife Kathleen,  his friend, attorney Larry Pollard, has attempted to bury the court with motions placing the blame for her death on an owl.  Sounded like something straight out of Twin Peaks.

Pollard is now forbidden from entertaining us with any additional official documentation since Michael denied that Larry was his lawyer.  I imagine Pollard will find other ways to get the word out so don’t despair yet.  Michael is serving life without parole for the murder of his wife.