Today, I submitted my manuscript for my next true crime book.  It’s about Raynella Dossett Leath and it’s a fascinating story.  It has a cattle stampede, an attempted murder, a three-shot-suicide, medical examiners threatening to shoot law enforcement officials, a secret city and a love child.

The last few weeks have been grueling.  I’ve haven’t done much but work on this book.  I’ve hardly gone anywhere since the first of July.  I did go with Wayne to the grocery store once a week, left home for two yoga classes and made one trip to the library to do research for the book.  Other than that, I’ve been right here.

I’ve neglected almost every thing.  I currently have 2044 unread emails in my mailboxes along with a ton of them that I read but didn’t answer.  And I’m harboring a mountain of guilt for ignoring family and friends.

Tomorrow afternoon, from 1-3, I have a book signing at the brand new HEB less than half a mile from my home.  It is a cool store with a bigger and better produce area, an endless selection of wine and a sushi bar and tortilleria.

After that, I’m going to spend a few days catching up with emailing, family and friends; reading books and watching the rest of the third season of the Tudors.

Life is Good!