Two years ago today, the Grand Jury in Orlando handed down an indictment charging Casey Anthony with the first degree murder charge of her young daughter, Caylee Anthony.  It is now about two years and four months since anyone saw little Caylee alive.
By the time this case goes to trial in May 2011, Caylee will have been dead longer than she was alive.


It doesn’t seem right, does it?


It made me wonder if the death penalty is the reason it’s taken so long.  Jose Baez has played that card quite often in order to postpone the inevitable.  If the state had not sought the death penalty, would Casey’s future now be a foregone conclusion instead of a matter for debate?


There’s no real way to know if the possibility of capitol punishment has slowed the forward march for justice.  But there is one thing that is certain, if Casey does get the death penalty, that will leave the door open for a protracted appeals process after conviction.


Unfortunately, I think Casey will enjoy the extra time in the limelight.

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