How do I love thee, big blue recycling bin?
Let me count the ways.
It’s New
My old bin that we carried down to the curb was held together with duct tape. It’s continued existence as a container was a matter of uncertain survival week to week.
It’s Big
At 96 gallons, it holds a lot of recycling.

It’s Blue

Actually a rather pretty shade of blue, particularly when its standing next to the drab green trashcan.

It Has Wheels

We can roll it down to the curb instead of lugging the heavy, filled bin.


More Recycling

Now that we have this big container, we are allowed to recycle more stuff.  Now we can toss in cardboard boxes and paperboard packaging.

No Sorting Required
That’s right!  We do not have to separate plastics, glass, paper, whatever.  We just toss it into the big, blue bin, roll it to the curb, and let the city do the rest.

Thank you, City of New Braunfels, for our new bin and expanded recycling options.