When Liz Ratliff was murdered by Michael Peterson on November 25, 1986, she wasn’t the first person whose death cast a pall over holiday celebrations.  But for Liz’s sisters, Margaret and Rosemary, that date was already filled with sorrow.  On that date, exactly ten years earlier, their father, Harold McKee passed away.

Under those circumstances, I could understand if Liz’s family approached this date every year with superstitious dread.  But neither Margaret or Rosemary seem to do so.  They give thanks for the blessings in their lives and say a prayer for those who are sitting at the table in spirit only.

If you’ve lost a loved one at Thanksgiving time or at any point in this upcoming holiday season, I send you warmest wishes for healing, beautiful memories and the camraderie of family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

The murder of Liz Ratliff was recounted in my book, WRITTEN IN BLOOD.