Jason, Tim, me and Matt in front of my house

This past week, my home was invaded by an Aussie film crew–Matt, Tim and Jason–from Beyond Productions.  They were taping interviews with me for the fifth season of Deadly Women on Investigation Discovery.

I talked with them about five different cases.  We started with Amber Cummings.  To be honest, I think she needs a medal for shooting her husband.  When he died, he was building a dirty bomb he planned to explode in the crowd at Barack Obama’s presidential inaugeration.

Next up was serial poisoner Velma Barfield, known to have killed five people by arsenic and one by arson.  Also suspected of murdering even more.  She was the first woman ever executed by lethal injection.  Poisoned to death–just like her victims.

We moved on to Susan Eubanks, a nasty piece of work who will remind you of Susan Smith.  She shot all four of her sons, ages 4 to 14, because she was angry at the men in her life.

Then we talked about the unbelievably callous, thoroughly disgusting Shonda Walter who beat her elderly neighbor to death just because she could.  When she finished, she treated herself to a bowl of ice cream from his refrigerator.

Finally, we finished up with a discussion about Raynella Dossett Leath, the subject of my upcoming true crime book, HER DEADLY WEB.  Raynella has been convicted for the murder of her second husband and charged with the homicide of her first husband, the local prosecutor.  St. Martin’s Press will release this book end of December/early January.

The women were deadly but the three guys in the Beyond Productions film crew were totally delightful.  Their professionalism was apparent throughout and their senses of humor made the day enjoyable.  It was a pleasure to meet them.

Later this month, I’ll fly out of town for an interview for On the Case with Paula Zahn.  I’ll be talking about the important story of Julie Rea Harper’s successful struggle for justice.