Yesterday, prosecutors presenting the case against Casey Anthony submitted paperwork to the court that listed the items of evidence the state intends to introduce at trial.  Included in those documents were the autopsy photos of Caylee Anthony.


When I saw that I cringed.  The thought of that beautiful child reduced to a pile of bones, rot and duct tape turned my stomach.  I suspected the defense team might do at trial what many do: show the photo over and over in order to desensitize the jurors to the horror of the image.


Personally, I want to remember Caylee as she is in the happy photos–the ones where her mother isn’t glaring or grimacing behind her back.  I don’t want to struggle to sleep at night with the imprint  of her bones festering in my mind.


After giving the matter a bit of thought, though, I can understand the need for the state to put the autopsy photos on exhibit.  The defense is positing that Caylee was not murdered because the medical examiner could not determine a specific means of death. 


Nothing will bring home the cold reality of this homicide more than those horrific photographs.  No words.  No testimony.  No arguments.  Nothing will help the jury understand more.

Those photos have the potential for ensuring justice for little Caylee.  I just wish there were another way.