Time for a personal note.

I’m heading up to Springfield, Illinois, to the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project this Monday.  The reason I’m going is to accept a Defender of Innocents award.  I am thrilled, honored and just about beside myself.

I will be introduced by none other than Julie Rea.  It was her wrongful conviction that I helped to set right.  It will be a joy to see her acquitted and free once again.

Will I’m up north, I’ll be doing an live interview with Steve Kane on WWNN, 1470 in Miami at 8am Eastern/7 Central.  You can listen to the show live online.

I’ll also be making an appearance on a radio station in Springfield later that morning.  Unfortunately, I have no clue where I’ll be transported and who’ll be sitting in the announcer chair.  But if you’re in Springfield, play with the dial, you might find me.