Caylee Anthony, still waiting for justice

After jury questioning, on Thursday evening, Judge Belvin Perry asked prosecutors why they kept asking prospective jurors about their sense of smell.  The state said they had three preserved tins of air taken from the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car–leftover from the air tests done in Tennessee.  They want the jurors to open one and take a whiff.  The judge will have to decide whether it would be allowed or if it went beyond the jurors’ role in court.  If he decides to allow it, it certainly will break new legal ground but it could also create an opening for a successful appeal.

Spicing up the questioning of the prospective jurors, the prosecutor pulled up one man’s FaceBook profile and there he was chattering away about jury service.  Judge Perry specifically told every one of those people that they could not mention it on any social media platform.  To make matters worse, the state found this little tidbit in his comments: “Book coming soon!”  If those were his plans, he sure blew it.  He’s outta there.

The judge clearly missed all his goals with jury selection.  He originally hoped to have the jury seated by the end of today.  Monday would have then been used to transport the jurors to Orlando and closing arguments would start on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, after six days, a pitiful group eleven jurors remain–six women and five men.  Perry wants a panel of 12 jurors and 8 alternates.  The still-standing eleven have to still get through death penalty certification and peremptory strikes by both sides.  I sure don’t expect to see opening statements any time next week.

What would a week in the Anthony world be without Cindy and George Anthony stepping front and center to lash out at somebody new?  This time, their new lawyer Mark Lippman announced, the couple will be suing their former attorney Brad Conway for violation of the lawyer/client privilege when he spoke to the media about the family.  Lippman also said he will send a cease-and-desist letter to Conway and place a grievance on the Anthonys behalf before the Florida Bar.  Yikes.

Whenever I think of Cindy and George Anthony these days, I think of Wal-nut Bowling on the Plants versus Zombies game.  No matter who comes running to the Anthonys’ side, Cindy and George always end of angry and treating them like Zombies–bowling them down with any nut they can find.

And while they play, Caylee Anthony waits for justice.