I sat on the set in front of Judge Jeanine Pirro and across from Gloria Allred in the Fox News Network studios to tape a show about the Casey Anthony trial which will air this Saturday night at 9PM Eastern. It was a pleasure to meet both of those women and a blast to be in New York City.

Energy crackles in the streets of Manhattan.  Just walking three blocks from the Mela Hotel, on West 44th, to the studio, on West 47th, charged me up like three double expressos in rapid succession. No other city has this effect on me.

I sat in The Long Room, an Irish Gastropub, next to the hotel and had potato crusted salmon and a delicious Key Lime Martini. My table was right by the open French doors leading to the street–excellent spot for people watching. The drama was in high gear. The most amusing spectacle was the three sailors who came down the streets trolling for dates. They snagged two women immediately–one displayed her commitment to the evening by doffing a sailor’s cap. The search for girl number three wasn’t as easy. The sailors stopped a number of women on the street who listened for a moment and then faded away. They went into a bar and came out emptied handed. While they searched, the other two waited patiently on the sidewalk. Finally, number three was secured and off the new couples went up the street.

I also got to meet Yaniv Soha, my editor from St. Martin’s Press, today. We’ve worked on a lot of books together over the past few years but this was our first face to face encounter. What a pleasure!
I fly back to Texas tomorrow but I can’t wait to return.