I wanted to give you a quick update about what has transpired since I wrote about the Casey Anthony case.

Over the defense objections, Judge Belvin Perry allowed George and Cindy Anthony to be an exception to the witness sequestration rules.  They will be able to sit in the courtroom for the complete trial.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the media-submitted appeal that requested the court to require Judge Perry to reveal the location of jury selection.  That decision means that Perry can move forward with his compromise plan to provide access to journalists while doing what he can to ensure that Casey Anthony receives a fair trial.
Any media outlet signing a confidentiality agreement promising not to reveal the chosen county before court on Monday can learn where they need to go on Sunday.  Since the defense also dropped their motion for a 30-day delay to respond to the media appeal, jury selection should move forward without a hitch on Monday morning.  I imagine, though, this situation will be one that journalists debate for long after the trial is over.


Finally, Cindy Anthony requested a visit with her daughter on Saturday morning.  The jail send that she would be allowed pending Casey’s decision to accept her deny.  This morning, Casey refused to see her mother.

What a week!  But every piece of craziness gets us just a little bit closer to justice for Caylee Anthony.