Casey is second from the left but the party is over now.


Two things really caught my attention Thursday. And one was dressed in Red. Her name is Rosalie Bolin and her addition to the defense team is simply an odd choice. You’ve seen her with an arm around Casey comforting her, mothering her, coaching. That sweet lady is married to a murderer. And she married him after his conviction. Over the telephone. She held a receiver in her apartment, he held his in jail. Doesn’t the romance send chills up your spine?
Good old Rosalie was married to a lawyer and the mother of four girls. She worked as an investigator for the Public Defender’s Office. On her case load was Oscar Ray Bolin, aka Bolin the Butcher. Bolin was first found guilty of the second degree murder of Natalie Holley and give a sentence of 22 years. By the time that trial was over, he was charged with six other felonies: murder, kidnapping, rape, aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer, escape and conspiracy to kidnap. He received a death sentence for the two other murders and a total of 75 years on the rape and kidnapping charges.
For that miserable excuse of a man, Rosalie left her husband, renowned defense attorney Victor Martinez, and abandoned her children. It seems fitting that Jose Baez brought a woman like this to the trial to hold Casey’s hand. And look at Rosalie’s hand—see if you can spot the five carat diamond—her engagement ring from her first husband. She still wears it, she quips, because she “earned every carat.”
The other real attention-getter was the loud crunch and crack of bones as Baez threw George and Cindy Anthony under the bus. The list of mitigating factors given in court, according to the defense, included Casey’s young age, her lack of maturity, lack of impulse control, lack of parental guidance. She was taught to project fake appearance. She was used as a decoy or a pawn by her parents and a scapegoat for parental misconduct.
Oh, poor Casey, she couldn’t help herself—she had rotten parents.
I’d try to feel sorry for her but, unfortunately, the person who had the worst parent of all was little Caylee Anthony.