Tuesday’s ceaseless round of humiliation, scared the defense into taking no chances on Wednesday.  They called a series of witnesses to the stand to tell the jury what they didn’t find and where they didn’t find it.

No geological evidence on twenty-two pairs of shoes taken from the Anthony home.  Dirt does fall off of things, doesn’t it?  And of course, no one told law enforcement in June 2008 to go collect the footwear to find the location of Caylee’s body–no one even told them she was missing for a month.

No valium, xanax, roofies or ketamine found in Caylee Anthony’s hair.  And this is important because?  Internet rumors?  The state alleges that the murder weapon was the duct tape and that chloroform facilitated the crime.

A chemist tested air from Casey’s Sunbird but could not conclusively determine that there was human decomposition in the car.  Of course, when he took the air samples, he didn’t know it was four days after the tire wheel cover and carpet were removed from the trunk.  And he didn’t have the equipment recommended by Dr. Arpad Vass.  He used a syringe instead.

My particular favorite of the day was from a state’s witness, an FBI hair and fiber analyst, whom Baez called in order to elicit the testimony that she tested hairs that did not show sign of decomposition.

The only stunning thing all morning long was when Baez asked Madelyn Montgomery, FBI forensic toxicologist: “What other kind of meaningless work do you do at the FBI?”  She responded: “I don’t feel any of my work is meaningless.”  Why would you ask that question of your own witness?

Court ended at lunch time on Wednesday because Judge Belvin Perry could not be in court this afternoon.  It resumes tomorrow morning as we move closer and closer to justice for Caylee.