Back in the summer of 2008, I felt very sorry for Cindy Anthony.  I know from writing nine other true crime books that it is dreadful to be the loved one of a victim.  I also knew that it was horrible to be a family member of a perpetrator.  And there was Cindy–playing both roles at one time.  I ached for her.

Then came the brush incident when she intentionally gave law enforcement a hair brush used by everyone in the family instead of the one used exclusively by Caylee Anthony.  I still understood her conflicting emotions but with that, she’d taken it a step too far and my empathy for her dissipated into thin air.

I had a major turn around in how I felt about her after she took the stand earlier in the trial.  I saw her grief.  I felt her pain.  My attitude toward her softened that day.  But on Wednesday, she threw away the good will I and many of you felt for her after seeing her tears in the courtroom.

She claimed the stain in the trunk of the Sunbird was there when they bought the car for Lee in 2000? You mean that the car smelled, in Cindy’s own words, “like there’s a dead body in there” for eight years?

She ended up searching for chloroform as a direct result of looking up chlorophyll because her dogs ate bamboo leaves?  Really?  Now, if my pet did that what would I type in the search bar?  Bamboo.

And even though her work records showed that she was at work when the Internet searches were done in her home, the work records were wrong.

Now, Cindy Anthony has not exactly been media shy.  Do you really think she would have kept quiet about these startling revelations?  I doubt it.  She would have told everyone who would listen that Casey did not do those google searches, she did.

As for the stain, she changed her outcry about a “dead body”to “pizza” or “garbage” as the source of the smell.  Surely, if she knew of another reason for the searches and the stain, she would have revealed them years ago rather than letting her daughter Casey sit in jail all that time.

And check out the body language.  Compare her time in the witness stand Wednesday with her earlier testimony.  Which one looks credible to you?  Which one look furtive and dishonest?  I have no doubt that Cindy perjured herself on the witness stand while still denying doing a search for “how to make chloroform,” “self-defense,” “household weapons,” and “neck breaking.”  But she added that when she was doing the searches, she saw a pop-up with a skateboarder riding a rail that was labelled as “a neck-breaking feat.”  And she remembers that skateboarder three years later?  Really?

I know Casey is your daughter, Cindy.  I know you don’t want her to be executed.  But what about Caylee?  I thought you loved your innocent granddaughter.  How could you abandon her for the sake of the person who took her sweet little life.  It’s as if you took the stand and said that Caylee’s life did not matter.

How could you Cindy?  How could you obstruct Justice for Caylee?