To everyone’s surprise, the state announced before lunch on Monday that they had no additional witnesses present to testify.  They had logistical problems getting the remaining witnesses into town.  Court will not recommence until 1 PM on Tuesday.


The state did not give a number of witnesses they intend to call but it’s clear they are about to close their case.  And today they laid out more damning evidence.  Steve Shaw, an FBI hair and fiber analyst, delved into post-mortem banding of the hair found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car, comparing it to the hair found with the remains.

Elizabeth Fontaine, FBI latent prints expert, testified that after the passage of time that included a long period under water, no fingerprints remained on the duct tape.  However, she did find the heart-shaped residue of a sticker placed on the duct tape.

The duct tape is a disturbing murder weapon used to snuff out Caylee’s life.  But the heart-shaped sticker placed on the tape in the middle of Caylee’s mouth is flat-out sick.
And what was Jose Baez’s attitude throughout the day.  He appeared bored and impatient as if he had grown tired of arguing evidence against his client and was ready to present his case.  Does he think the defense presentation will wipe out all the testimony presented against Casey Anthony?  Or does he feel that the conclusion is a given and he just needs to complete the steps required toward a verdict?
The judge estimates that the jury will begin deliberations on Saturday, June 25 or Monday June 27.  If the state rests by lunch time on Wednesday, that will leave about nine and a half days for the defense to present his case, the state to call any rebuttal witnesses and both sides to make their closing arguments.  I hadn’t expected a verdict until July but perhaps Judge Perry is correct and we are closer to justice for Caylee than I thought.