I hope that watching the jailhouse videos and seeing Casey Anthony’s reaction to them in the courtroom had the same impact on the jury as they did on me.  They revealed more about Casey than if she walked into the courtroom stark naked.
I hope they see that and know how it fits into the big picture of this case.  If I could drop one thought into the jurors heads, it would be a small bit of common sense about the allegations made by the defense in the opening statement and insinuated in cross examination.
Jose Baez has one source for information about George, Cindy and Lee Anthony.  That source is his client.  Admitted Championship Liar.  Master Manipulator.  Malignantly Narcissistic Casey Marie Anthony.

I’ve read a lot of online comments from people who don’t seem to get that vital piece of the puzzle.  And even if there were any truth in the sexual abuse allegations, it is germane as a mitigating factor during the punishment phase of the trial but is irrelevant in the guilt or innocence portion of it.

The lies of Casey Anthony have stood in the way of justice for Caylee since June three years ago.  I fervently hope that the jurors will see through the smog of deceit and determine their verdict without doubt and without hesitation.  Caylee deserves that and more–much more.