Thursday was an intense day in the Casey Anthony courtroom.  The state called forensic scientists and the Medical Examiner to the stand for graphic evidence about the discovery of Caylee Anthony’s body.  Among descriptions of roots growing through the eyesockets of Caylee’s skull and the presence of duct tape wrapped around it were photographs of the scene that had to rock every member of the jury.

The testimony also impacted Casey Anthony.  She did not look at the photos but she did hear every word.  For hours, she wiped her eyes and blew her nose while the evidence was presented.  Then her breathing grew heavy and her chest visibily heaved.  She bent over with her face near the surface of the table and Judge Belvin Perry recessed court for the day.

Was her reaction nothing more than crass manipulation designed to invoke the jury’s sympathy?  Or was Casey in the throes of a panic attack as the evidence that could result in a legal date with death stacked up in front of her?  Only one person knows the answer to those questions: Casey Anthony.  But no matter what she’d say, who could believe her?   If lying were an Olympic sport she’d deserve a gold medal.


Casey’s deceit weaves a corrupted fabric that rots in the courtroom until nothing remains but justice for Caylee.
[Edited to remove inaccurate information]