“When you woke up this morning everything was gone.


By half past ten your head was going ding-dong.”

–Woke up This Morning, A3

Sounds like Judge Belvin Perry’s day, doesn’t it?

Court started at 9 am with Ashton requesting more prep time after the court-ordered deposition of defense witness Dr. Bill Rodriguez.  He also said he wanted a hearing about one of the forensic anthropologist’s opinions.  Apparently, he is planning to tell the jury that people cannot recognize the smell of decomposition.  When pressed, he admitted that this opinion was not based on any study, it was simply his experience.  Sounds like the good doctor might have an under-developed sense of smell.

Ashton also complained of another violation of the court’s December 10, 2010 ruling, connected to the second slated defense witness, Dr. Eichenbloom.  His first report was half of a page long and contained no opinions.  Over the weekend, Baez provided the state with a two-page report and a 45-slide PowerPoint presentation.  Ashton called it “another intentional violation of the court order.”  Ashton said that he could depose this witness on Tuesday evening.

Baez responded with a flurry of personal attacks against Jeff Ashton, claiming that he was using the court rules as both a sword and a shield.  He said that he’d be threatened by the court but the state, committing the same violations, was not.  He argued, basically, that it was all the state’s fault and the defense team was blameless.

When he finished his tirade, Judge Perry asked by Ashton and Baez to turn around, look at the clock on the wall and tell him what time it was.  Ashton responded “9:25.”  Then, Baez said, “9:26.”

Perry lit into both of them.  “That proves that both of you will never agree on anything or interpret anything in the same way.  He reiterated the orders he issued on December 10 and on January 6, 2011.  Then lambasted Baez: “This court does not make threats.  The court simply applies the rules.

In the end, the Judge ordered a full day of court on Saturday, allowed the state more time to prepare for the cross examination of the first two scheduled witnesses and upon learning that the third witness was not yet in court, he recessed the court until Tuesday morning at 9 am.

Today’s debacle strengthened my conviction that Baez never sought a plea bargain for his client because he wanted the media spotlight that only a full trial would provide.  Personally, I find that very offensive.

All I want is Justice for Caylee.