After entering the two, airtight metal cans containing pieces of the spare tire cover from Casey Anthony’s car into evidence, the state rested its case.

The defense, as expected filed a Motion for Acquittal,  Cheney Mason argued for the defense before Judge Belvin Perry.  Is it just me, or is Mason on of the more boring speakers ever to step up to a podium?  I couldn’t tell if the Judge put a hand to his mouth to cover a yawn or if he placed it there to assume a contemplative posture.

To me, Cheney Mason argument for acquittal seemed to boil down to this:  Your honor, our client managed to slow the investigation with her lies, she successfully hid the body, allowing decomposition to occur obliterating the definitive cause of death and now she claims it was an accident.  For her achievements to date, she should be awarded an acquittal.

Fortunately Judge Perry was not moved.  He denied the defense’s Motion for Acquittal.

The defense begins the presentation of its case Thursday morning at 9.  I cringe for George Anthony and Roy Kronk–I suspect Jose Baez will ratchet up his effort to assassinate their characters.  In a manner of speaking, that will make both of them additional victims of Casey Anthony and her malignant narcissistic personality.

And the most innocent victim, Caylee Anthony, is still waiting for justice.