Okay.  Let’s see if I have this chronology correct.  Prosecutors wanted to admit the heart-shaped sticker found at the site where law enforcement found Caylee Anthony’s body.  Jose Baez objects.

But when Baez cross examines state’s witness Crime Scene Investigator Alina Burroughs, he wants to use that exhibit in the courtroom.  Judge Belvin Perry reminds him of his objection and Baez withdraws it.

Then, the jury requested to see that same exhibit and Baez waffled back to the other side.  He did not want the jurors to look at the evidence.  Perry overruled that motion, citing case law that requires that the court allow the jury to examine any exhibit.

If this is an example of how the defense team with handle the presentation of their case, then they might as well forfeit the game right now.  Although, legally, the defense team does not have to prove anything, their opening statement set up an expectation that they will do just that–prove it was an accidental drowning, prove that Casey was sexually abused by her father, prove that George Anthony knew what happened to Caylee.

And did you see this little gem of a story from WKMG about a sidebar on Monday?  Judge Perry accused the defense team of lying and said that he could not trust them anymore.


Turning to the state’s case, where is Jesse Grund, erstwhile boyfriend of Casey Anthony whom she claimed at one point was Caylee’s father?  I was certain the prosecutors would call him to the stand.  Maybe they’ll do it this morning.  Maybe they are saving him as a rebuttal witness.

When the state rests their case today, we will be one step closer to justice for Caylee.