Did I hear Jose Baez correctly?  DId he really refer to the certificates of Canine Gerus hearsay evidence?  Please, Baez, explain to me why an exhibit containing the training and experience of a law enforcement dog is any different from a curriculum vitae of an expert human witness?
One possible conclusion:  Jose Baez does not like dogs.
I do like dogs and I found Jason Forgey to be a very credible witness.  Dogs like Gerus have proven themselves in the field again and again: finding cadavers, helping to rescue people from collapsed buildings and identifying an assortment of concealed materials.


It seems apparent to me that Baez attacks the credibility of every witness and every process for one reason: he knows the truth will set his client behind bars until the day she dies.

The truth will lead to justice for Caylee Anthony.  And that is one thing Jose Baez does not want.