To the disappointment of many, Casey Anthony did not take the stand for an explosive finale for the defense case.  I imagine she wanted to do so but deferred to the advice of counsel.  I would think that she’d believe that she was capable of winning over the jurors with a brilliant performance of creative prevarication.  I suspect that she fantasized the moment in the spotlight on many lonely nights in her cell.

Instead, the defense put up three witnesses, Cindy, George and Lee Anthony, who testified about Casey learning to wrap a pet’s body in a blanket and place it inside a garbage bag, leading to the conclusion that she used that methodology when she disposed of the body of her daughter.  I know that was not the defense’s intent but that was the big, final point that came before they rested their case.

Jose Baez did not live up to the promises that he made to the jury in his opening statements.  No one testified to the childhood sexual abuse of Casey Anthony, even though Baez was extremely graphic about it in his jarring presentation.  What could the jurors think but that it was all a big lie from the young woman who is a master at weaving truth-free tales?

He did not have anyone to testify to the accidental drowning of Caylee as he claimed.  There was testimony that, at one point, George believed it was an accident that went horribly wrong–but not that he knew it.  And he had no one to testify that it was George who disposed of the body or Roy Kronk who moved the body.

Jurors remember.  When you deliver an opening statement and tell the court that the evidence will show something, you’d better deliver.  Hollow promises should lead to a defeat for Jose Baez and Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.

Closing statements on Sunday, July 3.