The twelve page reported submitted by the Florida Department of Children and Families on Thursday, August 11, demonstrated the injustice of the verdict rendered in the state’s case against Casey Anthony.  It does not advocate for Casey Anthony’s complicity in the murder or manslaughter of Caylee Anthony.  It, nonetheless, acknowledges that the little girl was murdered and lays the responsibility to protect her at Casey’s feet.

They are not a law enforcement agency but as experts in mistreatment of children, they make it clear  that the jurors should have found Casey guilty of the child abuse charge, at a minimum.  “The mother is the caregiver responsible for the verified maltreatments of death, threatened harm and failure to protect.”

The agency concluded that “the actions or lack of action by the alleged perpetrator [Casey Anthony] ultimately resulted or contributed to the death of the child/vic… While the cause of death is not known, the Department concludes the death to be as a result of abuse or neglect based on the manner of death by the ME [Medical Examiner], and the state of the body upon recovery…

“It is concluded that the mother’s failure to act during those 31 days, ultimately resulted in her inability to protect her child from harm.”

Nothing can be done to correct the injustice committed against Caylee Anthony when her mother was acquitted of the child abuse charge.  We have to accept that verdict.  We do not have to respect it, despite what many commentators have said.  The bottom line is that the criminal justice system, run by human beings, is flawed because humans are flawed.  The only way we can minimize the wrongs committed in our name is if we look at verdicts of wrongful acquittal and wrongful conviction, analysze the mistakes and work to not repeat them.

Meanwhile, Casey Anthony has been declared the most hated person in the country by a recently released poll.  94% of respondents familiar with her name put Casey Anthony at the top of the list beating out Octomom and Paris Hilton with ease.