Part Three of a three part series: How I Spent the Last Weekend in July


I’ve often been to weddings where the couple was clearly the happiest duo on the planet.  Seldom, though, do you attend a marriage ceremony and reception where the good vibes radiate through the whole crowd.  The ceremony joining Pete Fanning and Anne Lavigne together did.
Ex-spouses were friendly, New Yorkers and Texans smiled at one another, people from 6 weeks old to 86 years old danced, hugged and laughed through a wonderful afternoon and evening out in the Virginia countryside, with the Blue Ridge mountains in the background.


The whole weekend was a blast, reuniting our three grown children, Liz, Ivy and Pete–the girls looking as if they coordinated their colors for the rehearsal dinner, although they swear they didn’t.
Then there were the three cousins, Chris, Jason and Pete, who once spent endless hours in our family room, filling it knee-deep with empty Chili Willie wrappers, posed before the service with my husband Wayne.
And last but not least, I got to spend some time with my two fabulous grandchildren, Ben and Cameron.
It was a wonderful weekend, gone too fast, but filled with memories that will last a lifetime.  Join me in a toast to Pete and Anne–may their love wildness never die.