Part Two of a three part series: How I Spent the Last Weekend in July

On this spot, before last weekend, a plain brick building stood.  It was the home of radio station WWOD AM and FM in Lynchburg, Virginia.  The structure was built originally to be a television station but was re-purposed as a radio station, creating a strangely large on-air studio made to hold the bulky cameras needed for live television.

I was once the Advertising Copywriter and Traffic Manager for this station.  At that time, the format was alternative rock.  It went through a number of programming changes until it reached the point of dead air a few years ago.    And now it’s gone.

Visiting a city that you left twenty years earlier is always jarring–so much has changed and yet some things remain undisturbed with the passage of time.  I had always expected to see the radio station sitting on Mimosa Drive.  Seeing it as a pile of rubble gave me a keen awareness of the passage of time and the inevitability of change.

WWOD: a part of my past, a piece of my heart.–my past, a pile of rubble.

Coming soon, Part Three of How I Spent the Last Weekend in July: A Love Fest in the Countryside