There’s a new blog on Forbes, Crime, She Writes.  The six contributors are women with expertise in an area of criminal activity.  We are Kathryn Casey, best-selling true crime writer and author of the Sarah Armstrong crime novels; Stacey Dittrich, a former police detective media consultant and co-host of Justice Interrupted; Susan Murphy Milano, non-fiction author, violence expert and victims’ rights advocate; Dr. Gina Simmons, a psychotherapist who’s been helping individuals, families and organizations for 25 years; Cathy Scott, journalist, pet rescue advocate and best-selling true crime author; and of course, me.
My first post for Forbes is on line:  Neonaticide: A Distinct Crime or Just Another Murder.  It’s about the Lindsey Lowe case that raised a lot of questions in my mind.  I think you’ll find it food for thought, too.