Yes, it was cold in Colorado–snowy and never got above freezing while I was there.  However, after looking at yesterday’s weather in Boulder, I am happy that I went last week and was not there on Monday where the high was 12 degrees and the low went down to 1 degree above freezing.  I can’t recall ever living through a day like that.


I traveled there to do an interview to meet with Red Line Films who are shooting a new series, Deadly Sin, for the Investigation Discovery channel.  The crew is pictured above, from left to right, Clint the sound guy, me, Coti Villanueva, field producer, and Dan, the camera guy.


They set up shop at the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.  The lobby has a wall of historical photos including the one above of the Colorado Sheriff’s Association.

There I met a new law enforcement friend, Detective Steve Ainsworth.  He delighted me by being a reader of my books and an admirer of my work.  No matter what any of us do for a living, it is always rewarding to be acknowledged by a professional in the field.


I sat down under the lights in a conference room transformed into a sea of chaos for the taping.  Coti asked questions about Richard Marc Evonitz, the subject of my book, Into the Water.  Evonitz kidnapped middle school and high school girls from the front yard in broad daylight without anyone noticing the abduction.  Sofia SIlvia, Kristen and Kati Lisk died before Kara survived and brought the killing spree to an end.

I had a special bonus on this trip–a delightful family moment.


Living nearby was my niece Julie, her husband Sean and her two delightful boys, three-year-old Preston and three-month old Carter.  We met for breakfast and had a long, lovely visit around the table. Preston was so anxious to get his pancakes, I thought he might bolt from the table, barge into the kitchen and take them by force.  But in a great test of toddler patience he remained in or near his seat, albeit squirming and asking dozens of times for his breakfast.


And it was so nice to hold a baby again.


Despite the cold, I enjoyed returning to the beautiful state of Colorado–my first visit since attending a conference in Breckenridge a decade ago.  I’d love to go back–preferably in the summertime.