Mike, me and Colin

Tuesday marked another first in my writing life–an interview with a crew from Saskatchewan.  All I really knew about that province in Canada was what I learned in elementary school and that wasn’t much. I remember the illustrations of grains of wheat and that it was called Canada’s Breadbasket.

Saskatchewan is right above Montana, sandwiched between the provinces of Alberta and the Northwest Territories.  But Colin and Mike weren’t here to talk about another American’s abysmal ignorance about our neighbor to the north, we were discussing the murder of Susan McFarland for an episode of Crime Stories.  Her life and death was the subject of my book Gone Forever.  Her story rocked me on a deep, emotional level, probably because I really felt I got to know her through stories from her family and friends and entries she made in her personal journal.  Seven years after the publication of that book, her obituary still hangs just to the right of my keyboard where I see it every day.

I’m looking forward to viewing what the production company, Partners in Motion, does with the case.  I know that they’ve also interviewed Major Shawn Palmer (Sergeant Palmer in the book), Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed and the now retired Terrell Hills Police Department Investigator Boyd Wedding.

I spending the day with Mike and Colin, not only were they polite in that stereotypical Canadian way, they were also very interesting conversationalists as I learned when we chatted during set-up, break-down and breaks.

As soon as I find out when this episode of Crime Stories will air on Discovery ID, I’ll let you know.

Gone Forever is available in a variety of formats including traditional paperback, eBook and Audio book.