Angel Sometimes by Helen Ginger is a fascinating and enjoyable read that tempts you to never set it down for a moment.  The protagonist, Angel, is not really a mermaid but she earns her living from being one before an audience.  Angel’s colorful, cheerful, aquatic performances hide a storming sea of churning problems beneath her sunny exterior.

At the age of 12, Angel escaped from her family home after a traumatic experience and has fended for herself ever since.  Through good times and bad times, she struggled to improve herself, follow her dreams and build a secure life.  

Helen takes us into the strange world of the mermaid performer–one that Helen is in a unique position to know well since she once performed before crowds wearing a brilliant green tail.  She blends that knowledge and her familiarity with the Austin entertainment scene to create a setting that intrigues and lays the foundation for Angel’s rebirth.

Before Angel can even hope to achieve her dreams, she needs to confront the perceptions and beliefs and accept that every decision she has made was based on wrong assumptions and everything she believed about herself was flawed.

It is a coming of age tale enriched with the discovery of truth both underwater and on dry land, driven forward by Angel’s determination and her journey to healing.  When I reached the end of the book, I felt a renewed sense of hope about the future and the triumph of dreams, as well as a realization that I needed to examine my personal perceptions of other people and events to see if I could find any fatal flaws.

Now, I want another book featuring the self-named protagonist Angel Sometimes.  I know she will face more challenges in life and I want to walk that path with her no matter how rocky it becomes.

You’ll find Angel Sometimes on Kindle

Disclaimer: Helen Ginger has reviewed a number of my books on her blog, Straight from Hel.  I am so pleased to be able to talk to my audience about one of hers.  Since Helen always puts a disclaimer at the end of her reviews, I will follow her precedent and tell you that Helen is my friend but she didn’t given me this book, I paid for it and downloaded it with my Kindle ap on my iPad.  I believe I can honestly say that I would have thoroughly enjoyed this book even if I didn’t know Helen.  And I think you will, too.  Perfect for the beach with all its reference to water and swimming, a delightful diversion when traveling and a wonderful escape for our high and dry jobs outside of the aquarium.