“Research validates that a woman’s reports of perceived death intentions by a husband is one of the most telling diagnostic precursors to spousal murder.” 

That line, to me, contains the most important fact in Deadly Little Secrets:The Minister, His Mistress and a Heartless Texas Murder by Kathryn Casey.  If Kari Baker or someone close to her had acted upon it, Kari might be alive today.

I have long said that the most important thing about true crime books are the lessons they can teach us about life.  If we embrace that knowledge, we will be in a better position to protect ourselves and those around us.  Casey’s books always contain insights into the human component of crime.  She always offers up a story with application to our everyday lives.

Kathryn educates and enlightens in an engaging style highlighted by good writing, strong storytelling and an abundance of compassion.  She keeps you engaged from the first page to the last as she delves into the people behind the crime.  

Deadly Little Secrets is a tale of betrayal on many levels.  Matt Baker, so-called Man of God, betrayed his vows to his wife and betrayed the laws of God and man when he took her life.  He betrayed his congregants with his inappropriate behavior toward some of his parishioners.  He betrayed his children with his lies about their mother.

I had a moment of serendipity while reading the book.  Just last week, I commented on line that when someone does me wrong, I cope with my anger by listening to Johnny Cash sing “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” until the intensity of my negative emotion fades away.  In the book, Kathryn writes that that same song was a rallying cry of Kari’s friends and family as they sought justice for their loved one.

I urge you to read Deadly Little Secrets by Kathryn Casey.  The more we all know about the hearts of minds of those who commit the ultimate act of domestic violence and those who fall victim to that crime, the better prepared we will be to protect and intervene.

You can read the first chapter on Kathryn’s website.