When I first encountered Susan Murphy Milano, I was struck
by the intensity of her passion—her commitment to victims of domestic
violence, her empathy for victims of every injustice.  I sensed that beneath that devotion to these
causes, there had to be a motivation in her past.
Over the years, I learned bits and pieces about her life
before I knew her.  I never, though, had
the complete story until I read her new book, Holding My Hand Through Hell
Just released this week, it is a soul-wrenching, heartwarming story of
the life of a woman who rose beyond her victimization to be a powerful advocate
and a daring pioneer on issues of monumental importance to women.
Out of her work on the issue of domestic violence, she wrote
Time’s Up!, the ultimate handbook to
guide any woman seeking to escape successfully from an abusive
relationship.  She developed the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit to offer more protection for these women and a
greater insurance of justice in the worst cases.  Now, she has written a book that exposes the
rugged path she experienced to reach the point where she could help other women
help themselves.
photo by Monica Caison
I wrote the foreword to Holding
My Hand Through Hell
and, in doing so, came to grips with my own past.  I acknowledged my past experience with an
emotionally abusive spouse in my first marriage, forgave myself for my perceived
weakness and embraced my inner strength for the first time. 
Reading Susan’s memoir was a transformative and
inspirational experience for me.  I
expect that it will be for you, too.

Holding My Hand
Through Hell
by Susan Murphy Milano is available from Ice Cube Press, who
will donate 10% of all proceeds toward Susan’s medical fund as she battles her
current challenge with cancer.  Get your
copy today.