This weekend, the driving bass of boisterous music echoed across the canyon and into my house.  It made me think of Calyx Schenecker because the reason for the noise was the Relay for Life at New Braunfels High School, a fundraiser benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Calyx was an ardent supporter of this event at C. Leon King High School.  She lead a team of Harry Potter enthusiasts in 2011 but was not able to participate herself, because on January 27, 2011,two months before the special day,  Calyx lost her life.

She and her brother Beau were shot dead at point blank range by the one person who should have been intent on preserving their lives–their mother Julie Schenecker.  It is clear that Julie premeditated this crime, purchasing a hand gun, waiting through the three days until she could take possession of it and then executing her children.

Her actions were cold and heartless.  But did Julie see that clearly?  Or was she driven by the insane thoughts generated by serious mental illness?

Today, St. Martin’s Press releases SLEEP MY DARLINGS, an exploration of the dark mind of a middle-aged, upper middle-class woman who, on the surface, seemed to have it all.

Pick up a copy at your favorite book store or find paperback and eBook versions at all the regular places on line.

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SLEEP MY DARLINGS will make you question your notions about motherhood and your understanding of mental illness.  Researching this story shook me to my core and filled me with gratitude for my mother, my children and my sanity.