Twisted Reason, Author: Fanning, Diane, Pages 224, Price $28.95, Jan 2011,
ISBN 978-0-7278-6945-6

When an elderly man who has been missing for months is found dead on his
son’s porch, homicide detective Lucinda Pierce (The Trophy Exchange) is called
in because no one knows how he died. When several more bodies of elderly folk
are discovered, Pierce revs up the investigation and finds that there is a rash of
missing seniors with dementia.

True crime author Fanning brings a rare brand of realism to her work. Still
undergoing reconstructive surgeries for the shotgun blast that disfigured her
beautiful face, Pierce is intelligent and a pit bull when it comes to finding the
guilty. Readers who like to have their emotions engaged while trying to solve the
mystery will enjoy Pierce’s latest adventure.