Bite the Moon

A Molly Mullet Murder Mystery

When Molly Mullet’s husband dies from a gunshot wound inflicted right before her eyes, she abandons her work as a high school chemistry teacher and joins the police force.

Now she faces another crossroad in her life. She follows a trail of blood into the closet of Solms Halle, an historic music hall in the Hill Country of Texas. Inside lay the bloodied body of Rodney Faver, band manager for Trenton Wolfe, the hottest new star in country music.

Faver—sprawled across boxes with a guitar string embedded in his neck—had a long list of band members, song writers, ex-wives and other associates who wanted him dead. But the chief suspect is Molly’s childhood friend and Solmes Halle janitor, Bobby Wiggins. He is arrested and wrongfully charged with the gory murder.

Molly embarks on a mission to free Bobby from jail and track down the real killer. Or will he find her first?

The long list of eccentric suspects shortens as a psychopath picks them off one by one. Will Molly uncover his identity before she becomes his next victim?

Careen through the hills of Texas with Molly Mullet in a race against time as she seeks justice and courts death in Bite the Moon, a suspense-filled journey by Edgar Award nominated true crime writer Diane Fanning.



“True-crime author Fanning (Through the Window) has written a first-rate debut mystery. Molly Mullet, a chemistry teacher who became a police officer after her husband’s violent death, is on guard duty at a historic music hall in the Texas Hill Country when a band manager for a hot new country star is murdered. The club’s janitor, a mentally challenged man who was Molly’s childhood best friend, is coerced into a confession. Molly sets out to prove his innocence, which changes her life forever. Clean writing and well-drawn characters mix with a fine plot to hold the reader’s interest to the end. Fanning lives in Texas Hill Country.”

Library Journal


“Fanning’s experience with true crime results in believable investigative technique … This is an appealing first effort, especially in the way that Fanning develops the Texas setting as a character of its own.”

Mary Frances Wilkens ~ Booklist


“A Texas two-steps a cop off the force and into a nasty freelance investigation, in the latest from Fanning…Molly Mullet gave up her teaching job to become a police officer after her husband was murdered in a holdup… You have to admire newcomer Molly’s gumption.”

Kirkus Review


“Diane Fanning is a true crime writer and the knowledge gleaned from her research brings insight into her fiction. She draws Molly with just enough detail, brief glimpses into her past to help readers understand her determination to find the killer. Molly is stubborn yet vulnerable. You want to root for this very likable, real person…Ms. Fanning’s familiarity with Texas allows her to draw a vivd picture of the surrounding cities especially Austin. These touches really make the story come alive and give the reader the flavor of Texas. The story has a quick, easy-to-read pace, encouraging one to keep on reading. I would definitely recommend BITE THE MOON for your summer reading list.”

Lisa Baca ~ Romance Reviews Today


“Mullet is introduced as a 39-year-old chemistry teacher turned detective. Her idiosyncrasies and her vulnerabilities make her instantly lovable… The death by guitar string is just one of Fanning’s creative and sometimes quirky literary spurts.”

Betty Taylor ~ New Braunfels Herald Zeitung

Readers Love Molly Mullett


“I just finished BITE THE MOON  and loved it.  I really liked Molly and hope you will continue with the series.  I would love to see something develop between Molly and the hunky sergeant from the Austin PD.” ~ Christi

“The settings were real, the characters alive, the words flowing like a stream, bubbling in places, frothy in others…It captured me.” ~ Helen

“I’m a big fan of Kinsey Mulhone and Stephanie Plum, and I’m so loving Molly!! You’ve done a fine job.” ~ Stephanie

“Good job! Can’t help but be smitten by your Molly Mullett.” ~ Pam

“I just finished BITE THE MOON. What a likeable character Molly is: down to earth, sensible, and not overwhelmed by her sadness, but made more human by it. I couldn’t put the book down, and I really liked the twist at the end when it seemed that nothing else bad could happen. I’m looking forward to more of Molly.” ~ Carole

BITE THE MOON was a fast-paced novel with engaging characters. Molly is my kind of gal! ~ Jan