The Coast to Coast Killer (May 7, 2024)

Diane talks to Scott Fulmer of A Study in Crime about serial killer To my Lynn Sells.


EPT: Author of Through the Window Dianne Fanning (March 16, 2023)

Interview about Tommy Lynn Sells and the writing of Through The Window with Rob Mario and John Gilstrap on Eastern Panhandle Talk Radio, WRNR/TV10, Martinsburg, West Virginia


Diane Fanning: The Serial Killer and the Author on Wicked Words (Sept 26, 2022)

Prolific true crime author Diane Fanning recalls the story from her youth that inspired her first book about her time with a serial killer who admitted to a murder to her…and no one else. Find out why.


Murder Most Foul  (June 18, 2022)

Diane talks to Jim Sulanowski about the Michael Peterson case, the Netflix documentary, the HBOMax series and her book Written in Blood.


“I Could Kill Whoever I Wanted” on the Ignorance was Bliss podcast (June 7, 2022)

As an author of both non-fiction and fiction, Diane Fanning could approach the concept of crime and humanity from any number of angles. She chose empathy and realism.


Appalachia Mysteria podcast (May 2022)


“The Staircase, The Ultimatum” on Reality Life with Kate Casey (April 13, 2022)

We talk about Written in Blood and The Staircase, The murder of Kathleen Peterson by Michael Peterson.


Murder Most foul – Justice Delayed (January 6, 2022)

In October of 1997, in a quiet town in Illinois, Julie Rae awoke in the middle of the night to an intruder in her house. She struggled with the man and chased him outside. She raced back into the house to check on her 10-year-old son, Joel. At quick glance, she did not see him in his bed. Fearing the intruder might have had an accomplice and Joel had been kidnapped, she enlisted help from the neighbors. Sadly, Joel was found between his bed and the wall in his bedroom, butchered with a knife. Ultimately, Julie was convicted of the unthinkable crime and sentenced to a long prison term.

In March 2001, award-winning crime writer and friend of the podcast, Diane Fanning, was writing her first book, Through the Window. Because of that book, Julie was granted a new trial where she was not only found not guilty, but officially declared innocent by the state. In the fall of 2021, Diane was a featured guest on a 20/20 episode on the Julie Rae case entitled GOODNIGHT, MOTHER and joins us now to share her amazing story.


The Real Killer (Dec 2021)

I participated in a new podcast that investigates the 1982 murder of JoAnn Tate, the case and its aftermath. “The Real Killer” A new episode drops every Thursday on iHeartRadio.


Death on the River (Dec 2021)

On Murder Most Foul, Jim Sulanowski and I discuss the romantic Hudson River kayak trip that turned deadly. Death on the River.


Dear Diane (Oct 2021)

This Vespucci story is about the wrongful conviction and exoneration of Julie Rea, told by people intimately involved in the case.


How to Write a True Crime and Mystery Novel (Sept 2021)

Diane has tips for writers when she talks to Annalisa Parent about writing True Crime and Crime Fiction.


Murder Most Foul, episode: Bitter Remains (Aug 2021)

On Murder Most Foul, I talk to James Sulanowski about the murder of Laura Ackerson by Grant and Amanda Hayes from my book BITTER REMAINS.


True Crime’s Diane Fanning (Jan 2021)

On Crawlspace, Diane has a freewheeling discussion with the hosts about several of her books.


Holy Homicide (Jan 2021)

On The Unlovely Truth, Diane serves up a trio of tales about religious leaders that their flocks would have been better off without.


True Crime with Diane Fanning (Nov 2020)

On Sip with Me, Diane talks about her 26 published books and her place in the true crime community.


Mommy’s Little Girl-The Caylee Anthony Murder Case (July 4, 2020)

On Murder Most Foul, Diane talks to James Sulanowski about Mommy’s Little Girl and the murder of Caylee Anthony.


True Crime’s Diane Fanning (Jun 2020)

On Crawlspace, Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna prolific crime author Diane Fanning. They discuss several of her books with a focus on the cases of Michael Peterson, Casey Anthony, and Angelika Graswald.


Diane Fanning: True Crime Retrospective (Mar 2020)

On True Murder, Diane Fanning talks to Dan Zupansky about her true crime writing began; the cases and books that most effected her career, and what’s next.


Baby Be Mine – Diane Fanning (Mar 2020)

On House of Mystery Radio, Diane talks to Alan R. Warren about the horrific crimes in Skidmore, Missouri with a focus on the cesearan abduction perpetrated by Lisa Montgomery.


Baby Be Mine – Diane Fanning (Jan 2020)

On House of Mystery Radio, Diane and Alan R. Warren go inside the writing of BABY BE MINE, a horrific story about a casearean abduction in Skidmore, Missouri.


Death on the River – Diane Fanning (Dec 2019)

On House of Mystery Radio, Diane recounts the romantic Hudson River excursion that ended in tragedy.


Under Cover of the night – Diane Fanning (Nov 2019)

On True Murder Diane talks to Dan Zupansky about the respected high school administrator who stages the suicide of his estranged wife, a true story of sex, greed and murder.


Diane Fanning & Death on the River (Sep 2019)

On You’re Never Going to Read This, Diane talks about her book Death on the River: A Fiancee’s Dark Secrets and a Kayak Trip Turned Deadly,  how she choses her subjects, and the boom in interest.


Death on the River (May 2019)

On True Murder with Dan Zupansky, Diane talks about Death on the River, the story of a tragic kayak accident that left one man dead—and his fiancée arrested for his murder.


True Crime Author & Best Seller, Diane Fanning (May 2019)

On Writers on the Beat:Crime Writers and Crime Fighters, Diane talks about her latest book Death on the River and how her attempted kidnapping solved a child murder and got her started in crime writing.


Coast to Coast (Apr 2019)

On Murder in the Rain, Diane joins joins Alisha and Emily to discuss the terrifying topic of Tommy Lynn Sells, a man she interviewed for her true crime book Through the Window. Listen in as they discuss his horrendous crimes and what motivated Sells to commit such evil deeds.


Written in Blood-Diane Fanning (Oct 2018)

On True Murder, Diane talks to Dan Zupansky about the death of Kathleen Peterson, staged to look like an accident, the blood in the stairwell pointed to murder.


Bitter Remains-Diane Fanning (Feb 2016)

On True Murder, Diane talks to Dan Zupansky about the hauntingly true story of a devoted mother, a disturbed couple, and how the horrific events came to pass.


Episode 37 (Feb 2015)

On Sword & Scale True Crime, Diane talks about her book, Under Cover of the Night, the tragic story of Wesley and Jocelyn Earnest, a tale that serves as a fable to any young woman who has recently been separated from her spouse.


Sleep My Darlings-Diane Fanning (Jul 2013)

On True Murder, Dan Zupansky and Diane Fanning discuss SLEEP MY DARLINGS – The True Story Of A Mother Who Killed Her Children In Cold Blood

Her Deadly Web-Diane Fanning (Apr 2013)

On True Murder, Diane talks to Dan Zupansky about Raynella Dossett Leath and the deaths of her two husbands.


Diane Fanning Celebrates 20 Books (Feb 2013)

On Shattered Lives, Diane talks to Donna Gore about her true crime writing life and being the voice of victims.


Casey Anthony Murder Trial Analysis (Aug 2011)

On True Murder, Dan Zupansky and Diane reflect on her pre-trial book, Mommy’s Little Girl, and compare it with the trial itself.


Diane Fanning-Mommys Little Girl (Sep 2010)

On True Murder, Dan Zupansky and Diane talk about Mommy’s Little Girl, the definitive account of one of the most shocking, confusing and horrific murders in American history.


Women in Crime Ink’s authors Kathryn Casey & Diane Fanning (Jul 2010)

On the Susan Murphy Milano Show, Susan talks with true crime authors Kathryn Casey and Diane Fanning.


Women in Crime Ink (May 2010)

On the Susan Murphy Milano Show, Pat Brown hosts a discussion with Diane and prosecutor Robin Sax.


XZRS: Dianne Fanning – NASA Astronaut Love Triangle (Dec 2008)

On The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show, Diane discuses her book OUT THERE, the in-depth story of the astronaut love triangle that shocked America.