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Books by Diane Fanning




Texas Hill Country Mystery

Bite the Moon (Five Star Mysteries, July 2007)


Lucinda Pierce Virginia-based mystery series

The Trophy Exchange (Severn House Publishers, July 2008)

Punish the Deed (Severn House Publishers, March 2009)

Mistaken Identity (Severn House Publishers, May 2010)

Twisted Reason (Severn House Publishers, January 2011)

False Front (Severn House Publishers, April 2012)

Wrong Turn (Severn House Publishers, January 2013)

Chain Reaction (Severn House Publishers, March 2014)


World War II series

Scandal in the Secret City (Severn House, November, 2014)

Treason in the Secret City (Severn House, TBA)


True Crime

Through the Window (St. Martin’s Press-April 2003)

Into the Water (St. Martin’s Press-June 2004)

Written in Blood (St. Martin’s Press-February 2005) Edgar Award finalist

Gone Forever (St. Martin’s Press-February 2006)

Baby Be Mine (St. Martin’s Press-August, 2006)

Under the Knife (St. Martin’s Press-April 2007)

Out There (St. Martin’s Press-October, 2007)

The Pastor’s Wife (St. Martin’s Press-November, 2008)

A Poisoned Passion (St. Martin’s Press-September, 2009)

Mommy’s Little Girl (St. Martin’s Press-November, 2009)

Her Deadly Web (St. Martin’s Press, January, 2012)

Sleep My Darlings (St. Martin’s Press, April 2013)

Under Cover of the Night (Berkley Books, October 2014) (Bedford County case)

Bitter Remains (Berkley Books, January, 2016)



Red Boots & Attitude (Eakin Press, February 2002)

Also published in: USA Today, New York Post, Baltimore Sun and other smaller periodicals


Diane Fanning Experience



Edgar Award from Mystery Writers of America:

Written in Blood, one of five finalists in the Best Fact Crime category, 2006

Downstate Illinois Innocence Project

Recipient of the Defender of Innocence Annual Award, 2011

National Association for Choice in Giving

Recipient of the Annual Freedom Fighters Award, 2009

State Advisory Committee (Texas)

Appointed for two terms by then Governor George Bush


Speaking Venues

Women in Innocence Conference, Flint, Michigan (Keynote address)

Book ‘Em event in Fredericksburg, Virginia (Keynote address)

Texas Book Festival, Austin, Texas

Virginia Festival of the Book, Charlottesville, Virginia

Writers’ League Conference, Austin, Texas

Multiple Library festivals and single author events

Multiple service organizations, book clubs and libraries

Multiple high schools in single classrooms and in auditorium settings


Television Appearances

48 Hours


The Today Show



Forensic Files

Deadly Women

Deadly Sins

Southern Fried Homicide

Behind Mansion Walls


Nancy Grace Show

Jane Velez Mitchell Show

As well as a variety of other national and local news shows and multiple other programs on Investigation Discovery and E!


Radio Interviews: Broadcast channels coast to coast as well as internet radio networks


Reviews of Fiction by Diane Fanning

On Scandal in the Secret City

“True crime and mystery writer Fanning (“Lucinda Pierce” series) launches a fascinating new historical series that also offers an almost sociological study of women’s issues during World War II. Her refreshingly original amateur sleuth is smart, strong-willed, and independent in an era when marriage was usually the only career option for women. Libby is bound by her word to help uncover the truth, even when it puts her in danger. Readers will be engrossed by a gripping puzzler of a mystery and authentic details regarding America’s “Secret City” and its role in the development of the atomic bomb.”

Library Journal

“An intriguing change from Fanning’s Lucinda Pierce series (Chain Reaction, 2014, etc.) bolstered by thought-provoking details of the obstacles women faced in the wartime workforce.”  Kirkus Reviews

On Bite the Moon

“Clean writing and well-drawn characters mix with a fine plot to hold the reader’s interest to the end.” Library Journal

“Fanning’s experience with true crime results in believable investigative technique.  This is an appealing first effort, especially in the way that Fanning develops the Texas setting as a character of its own.” Booklist


On the Lucinda Pierce series:

“Diane Fanning has become a writer to watch, demonstrating that the modern police procedural can evolve into a commentary on current culture.” Library Journal

On The Trophy Exchange

“Fanning had produced an emotionally intense story with a complex heroine whose futures adventures will be widely anticipated.” Kirkus Reviews

“Fanning’s true-crime writing experience gives the story added verisimilitude.” Booklist

“Though this near-perfect police-procedural is not for the faint of heart, readers who like Kate Flora and Alex Kava will put it on their reserve lists.  Highly recommended.”  Library Journal

On Punish the Deed

“Fanning injects enough edge-of-the-seat action to keep readers turning pages.  Recommend this to patrons who enjoy J.A. Konrath and Jan Burke.” Library Journal

“Lucinda who stoically ignores ugly taunts about her facial deformities, fends off both an armed serial killer and an even better armed underlings wife with so little effort that she surely qualifies for superhero status.” Kirkus Reviews

On Mistaken Identity

“A complicated case that turns on an unusual motive for murder… Lucinda Pierce is such a strong heroine, she should engage many readers.”  Kirkus Reviews

On Twisted Reason

“Edgar-finalist Fanning skillfully illuminates the heartbreaking challenges facing Alzheimer’s victims and their families in her fourth mystery featuring Virginia homicide detective Lucinda Pierce.”  Publisher’s Weekly

“True crime author Fanning brings a rare brand of realism to her work… Readers who like to have their emotions engaged while trying to solve the mystery will enjoy Pierce’s latest adventure.”  Library Journal

“As usual, Fanning poses Lucinda a quirky mystery, this time providing a thoughtful look at the stress of those caring for loved ones with dementia.”  Kirkus Reviews

On False Front

“Credible characters bolster a well-crafted plot.” Publishers Weekly

“Fanning supplies the multifaceted Lucinda with another fast paced mystery that nicely displays both her strengths and weaknesses.” Kirkus Reviews

“Multiple points of view, fast pacing, and fascinating procedural details propel the reader through the story. Booklist

On Wrong Turn

“Multiple cases, interesting details of police work, and well-drawn characters, especially the complex, principled Lucinda, drive this fast-paced mystery that will appeal to readers who enjoy strong women protagonists.” Booklist

“Fanning gives her lead depth that complements a well-constructed plot.” Publishers Weekly

On Chain Reaction

“The two cases and the subplot involving feuding federal agencies combine to provide a timely and involving case.”  Booklist

“The tale moves along at a brisk pace, and Fanning provides several welcome twists. Kirkus Reviews





Oak Ridge, Tennessee, otherwise known as the Secret City, rose seemingly overnight in 1942, built by the US Government. No one was quite sure what its purpose was or where it came from, but there was certainly something going on . . .

Libby Clark, a gutsy Bryn Mawr graduate, is determined to find her place as a scientist in a world where women are thought better suited to housework and marriage. As the only female scientist in the top secret facility, Libby is excited to begin what she believes is important government research.

She soon begins to suspect, however, that not all is as it seems. And to make matters worse, one frosty night she discovers the dead body of her roommate’s sister sprawled behind the bleachers. No one else seems to think finding the killer is important and it’s up to Libby to make sense of the situation. Aided by a band of like-minded scientists, Libby follows every possible lead until she comes to a shocking and unexpected conclusion.

Comments on True Crime books by Diane Fanning

“Author Diane Fanning tirelessly recounts the young woman’s lying ways, theorizes how Anthony might have disposed of her daughter and concludes that Anthony is ‘an individual whose self-absorption and insensitivity to others is a destructive force.”

Orlando Sentinel on Mommy’s Little Girl

“I was astonished by how good this book as—insightful, well-written and fascinating.”

Hugh Aynesworth, four time Pulitzer nominee on Out There

“Very few writers have the insight and gift to take a true story and make it one hell of a page turner.  In my opinion, Diane Fanning does just that in A Poisoned Passion.”

Susan Murphy Milano on A Poisoned Passion

“I just finished reading GONE FOREVER.  Bravo!  Most important, I want to thank you for your comments in the Afterword Chapter.  I truly believe that we can make a difference and books like yours, that are so well written, can bring this blight on society called domestic violence out of the shadows and shine the light of day upon it so good people can take a stand to stop it.”

A Domestic Violence Shelter Manager on Gone Forever

“I’m sitting on a couch in our newsroom, pouring through the advance copy of your book.  Unbelievable stuff.”

Mike DeForest, WKMG-TV, on Mommy’s Little Girl

“Fanning provides a full account of the epic Peterson murder mystery. Her writing is superb. Most importantly, Diane Fanning has written a true-crime book focused more on the truth than on the crime, and in that sense, her work honors the spirit of the victim, Kathleen Hunt Atwater. Rich with devastating details and ironic insights into the stranger than fictional world of Michael Peterson, Diane Fanning’s book is a triumph.”

Vance Holmes on Written in Blood

“I couldn’t put it down until I had finished it. I’m amazed at how much research you had to have done, and for the parts I actually knew about, the accuracy was more than I could have expected. I have to tell my friends that if they read this book, they will be able to experience everything that I did, just as if they had experienced it themselves.  I’m a reader and have read many books and still do, but I’m still surprised at how well you wove everything into a story that’s enjoyable to read and accurate to detail.”

Herb Betz on Through the Window




Under Cover of the Night

It was planned to look like a suicide.  But even the best-laid plans, evidence is left behind…

Jocelyn Branham Earnest was found on the floor of her living room in Forest, Virginia.  By her side was a gun and a suicide note—typed, lacking a signature, and with one fingerprint on it.  A fingerprint belonging to her estranged husband…

Wesley Earnest was a respected high school administrator, poised to restart his life in a new community.  Parents entrusted their children to his care and believed he was above reproach.  But the investigation into the life the couple once shared would reveal adultery, troubled finances and shattered dreams—enough for one man with murder on his mind to travel for hundreds of miles…Under Cover of the Night.