False Front

Book Five in the Lt. Lucinda Pierce Mystery Series

A baffling new case for Homicide Investigator Lucinda Pierce


Candace Eagleton and Lucinda’s nephew Dylan O’Hara appear to have committed suicide.  Family members are certain that they are victims of homicide.  A wealthy spouse and a school bully are the chief suspects if a crime has been committed. Detective Pierce has to untangle the deceptions, to uncover the truth.
She receives unexpected assistance from FBI Special Agent in Charge Jake Lovett.  He thought he was dealing with a paranoid nutcase but when the man is killed in a brutal hit-and-run, Jake finds a list of names that connects his victim to one of Lucinda’s cases, sending the two investigators on a hunt for other potential victims before it’s too late.

FALSE FRONT, the fifth book in the Lucinda Pierce series, explores the triggers for teenage suicide and the angst of the families of suicide victims as she sorts through a political cover-up.



“Fanning supplies the multifaceted Lucinda with another fast paced mystery that nicely displays both her strengthes and weaknesses.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Credible characters bolster a well-crafted plot.”

Publisher’s Weekly


“Multiple points of view, fast pacing, and fascinating procedural details propel the reader through the story.”

Booklist Review

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