Gone Forever

A True Story of Marriage, Betrayal, and Murder

Rick McFarland was a successful stockbroker with a prominent firm. Susan Smith was a rising star at a major corporation. After they met and married, Rick began a downhill spiral that gathered speed with every passing year.

His behavior became more bizarre. His get rich quick schemes and shopping sprees got out of control. Finally, Susan had enough. When she decided to call it quits, Rick decided that the end would come on his terms. His actions left three young boys—ages 5, 8 and 1l—without a mother.

For nearly two months, a massive search by law enforcement and volunteers found no trace of Susan McFarland. Even though Rick knew exactly where Susan’s body was, he told his boys that their mother would be back—she just needed a break from them.

When Susan’s charred body was found, one big question remained: what will the future hold for the three innocent boys caught up in this whirlwind of betrayal and murder?


“I just finished reading GONE FOREVER. Bravo! Most important, I want to thank you for your comments in the Afterword Chapter. I truly believe that we can make a difference and books like yours, that are so well written, can bring this blight on society called domestic violence out of the shadows and shine the light of day upon it so good people can take a stand to stop it.” – An Emergency Shelter Manager

“I just re-read the Afterword in GONE FOREVER, and it is the most powerful part for me as a reader and someone close to the story. You did a terrific job as usual with the details in your research. You also did a good job of telling Susan’s story with the sensitivity for her children that has allowed me to be able to hand this book to MY children to read.” – Susan’s Neighbor

“Thank you so much for this most excellent ‘remembrance of someone very special. The depth of detail that you reveal about her entire life was very enriching and inspiring to read. To have her life retold as you have done is a lasting tribute to a larger than life figure.” – Susan’s Co-Worker

“My wife read the book —ALL of it— in a single marathon session Saturday evening. You did a fantastic job.” – Law Enforcement

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