Her Deadly Web

The True Story of a Former Nurse and the Strange and Suspicious Deaths of Her Two Husbands

Raynella Dossett Leath said she came home one morning in 2003 and found her husband’s body in bed—covered in blood, a Colt .38 by his side. But authorities were suspcious of Raynella’s story. Why would her husband of ten years suddenly commit suicide? And if he had taken his own life, why did it appear that three shots were fired?


David Leath was not the first of Raynella’s husbands to turn up dead. After digging into Raynella’s past, police unearthed bizarre, gruesome details surrounding the death of her first husband, who was seemingly trampled by his own cattle. Which led investigators to wonder: Could Raynella have staged his death, too?


To those who knew her, Raynella was a loving mother of two, a good neighbor and friend, a nurse who always reached out a helping hand. Was this woman capable of killing both her husbands? And if so: Why did she do it—out of greed, jealousy, revenge? This is the story about what dark secrets were lurking inside HER DEADLY WEB.


“HER DEADLY WEB is about Raynella Dossett Leath and it’s a fascinating story. There is a cattle stampede, an attempted murder, a three-shot suicide, medical examiners threatening to shoot law enforcement officals, a secret city and a love child. I was amazed constantly as I wrote this book—I think you’ll like it, too. If you saw me on Snapped talking about this case, you only saw the tip of the iceberg.” – Diane Fanning, author

“I don’t read much true crime, but when I do, I read ones written by Diane Fanning. She does so much research and has such a way of using the truth to bring the people to life. If you like true crime, I can recommend Her Deadly Web by Diane Fanning. If this had been fiction, I wouldn’t have believed anyone could get away with such crimes for so long. I give Her Deadly Web a rating of Hel-of-a-Story.”  – Helen Ginger

“Her Deadly Web holds a unique fascination for me… The author’s recounting of the corrupt behavior of those entrusted with our protection is as shocking as it is frustrating. I had forgotten about the sordid conduct of medical examiner Randall Pedigo and his role in the case, only to be followed by a subsequent scandal involving his successor.” – Ned Ferguson

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