Story, Image, Poem & Song

Her Texas: Story, Image, Poem & Song, inspired by the 2001 anthology, RED BOOTS & ATTITUDE, is a multicultural, multiethnic, and multidisciplinary exploration of the stories, essays, memoirs, poetry, song lyrics, paintings, and photographs by 60 Texas women, including Diane Fanning’s short story, “Bottom Land” and the poignantly beautiful song, “Tie Me to an Angel” by Emy Taylor about the nun who tied herself to the orphans in her car in a valiant attempt to save them from the wrath of the historic Galveston hurricane.  Issues covered in this anthology include sexual abuse and recovery; struggles against disease, poverty, and isolation; ethnic identity and heritage; musical roots; environmental degradation of water, air, and landscape; family and relationships; political and intellectual struggles, and more.

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