Into the Water

An Astonishing Story of Abduction, Murder and the Nice Guy Next Door

He was the perfect gentleman—and one of America’s Most Wanted sex killers. She was young, terrified and still bound in handcuffs when she was found on the street screaming for help.

To authorities, she spilled the shocking details of a night of horror spent with an elusive serial killer. Where the witness took them was to the last an anyone would have suspected.

To the authorities, she spilled the shocking details of a night of horror.

Richard Marc Evonitz was beloved by friends and family. The only ones who saw Evonitz’s dark side were his victims, until his double life came undone by the brave cunning of his last victim.

But as authorities and the media descended upon him, Evonitz had one more shocking suprise in store for everyone–a final act of viiolence and reckoning that turned a bright sunlit morning blood red.

“I read INTO THE WATER and thought it was excellently done!  Your compassion for the victims and their families was conveyed so brilliantly through your words.  And I do not think I ever read a book that was so detailed in the investigations covering all the twists and turns.  As well as all the homicides that occured in the area.  Very thorough indeed.  In short, I think your style of writing is AWESOME!” 

PK in Pennsylvania

“I just finished reading INTO THE WATER and I must tell you, it was absolutely impossible to put down.  Once again, the attention you give to detail is amazing.  You have a way of putting a reader in every shoe.  I did not think I would ever read anything as gripping as Helter Skelter was until now.  Heartbreaking as it was, INTO THE WATER is one of the  best books I have ever read.”

CM in San Antonio, Texas

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