Mistaken Identity

Book Three in the Lt. Lucinda Pierce Mystery Series

A bizarre new case for Homicide Investigator Lucinda Pierce 

In a cosy suburban home a woman’s body has been carefully laid out on a bed. She looks perfect, except for a single gunshot wound to the head. In the bathroom a bloody male corpse, missing both its head and its hands, is in the tub. When the victims’ thirteen-year-old son reacts to the deaths in a strange way, claiming his father is immortal and has sold his soul to the devil, Homicide Investigator Lucinda Pierce suspects that this family has something to hide. Lucinda must uncover the secret that holds the key to the investigation, but news from her home town brings back painful memories she needs to transcend, if she is to solve the case.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY, the third novel in the Lucinda Pierce series, explores the depth of childhood emotional scars and the consequences of irresponsible parenting, as the Homicide Detective tracks down a killer seeking revenge.


“Lucinda  is such a strong heroine that she should engage many readers.”

Kirkus Reviews

“This is a fantastic series featuring Lt. Lucinda Pierce of the homicide department. She is a tough, don’t mess with me woman who is severly disfigured when we meet her in the first book. Fanning has really developed Lucinda’s character and you can’t help but fall in love with her because under that tough, bitchy exterior is a woman with the heart of ten people who just wants justice and her life back to what it was before. A must read for anyone who loves a roller coaster mystery!” ~ Libby

GoodReads Review

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