Mommy's Little Girl

Casey Anthony and her Daughter Caylee's Tragic Fate

The first full-length, in depth account of the Caylee Anthony case

When news broke of nearly three-year-old Caylee Anthony’s disappearance from her home in Florida in July 2007, there was a huge outpouring of sympathy across the nation. The search for Caylee made front-page headlines. But there was a huge question mark hanging over the case: the girl’s mother.

• Why did Casey Anthony wait one full month before reporting her daughter missing?

• Why were searches on chloroform and missing children found on her computer?

• Why did she go out partying with friends less than one week after Caylee disappeared?

As the investigation continued and suspicions mounted, Casey became the prime suspect. In October, based on new evidence against Casey—her erratic behavior and lies, her car that showed signs of human decomposition—a grand jury indicted the young single mother. Then, two months later, police found Caylee’s remains a quarter of a mile away from the Anthony home.

Casey pled not guilty to charges of murder in the first degree, and she continues to protest her innocence. Did she or didn’t she kill Caylee? This is the story of one of the most shocking, confusing, and horrific crimes in modern American history.


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“Mommy’s Little Girl” in no way can be construed as a pro-Casey Anthony book. Author Diane Fanning tirelessly recounts the young woman’s lying ways, theorizes how Anthony might have disposed of her daughter and concludes that Anthony is “an individual whose self-absorption and insensitivity to others is a destructive force.” [Read More]


Orlando Sentinel Review

“How often do you hear a book review on local news? Just about never. But WKMG-Channel 6’s Mike DeForest turned reviewer last night and gave a thumbs-up to a new, 352-page book about theCasey Anthony case. The book: “Mommy’s Little Girl” by Diane Fanning. It will be out in early November.”

WKMG Review by Hal Boedeker

Readers Write:

“Excellent writing. The book reads like a novel, so well organized and researched. It’s definitely a step above.” – Jim

“I just finished the book. I am amazed, totally amazed at the whole case. There is no question that Diane did a master’s job writing this book.” – Bontie

“What a page turner!… I was not able to put it down and finished it in the middle of the night. – Johanna

“It was weird, since most of us rading, know what major discovery is about to take place, so we know all what has to come and what kind of impact it will have, and yet, it is still gripping to read.” – Nile

“I got your book and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Can’t put it down.” – Joanna

“I’m sitting on a couch in our newsroom, pouring through the advance copy of your book. Unbelievable!” – Mike DeForest, WKMG-TV

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