Out There

The In-Depth Story of the Astronaut Love Triangle Case that Shocked America

OUT THERE is the in-depth story of the astronaut love triangle that shocked America. This captivating account casts light on Lisa’s groundbreaking fall from grace.

Lisa Nowak was dedicated, smart, and courageous–one of the first astronauts to fly a space shuttle mission after the horrific 2003 Columbia disaster. But that was before a fit of pure, primal jealousy landed her in an airport parking lot in Florida, where Lisa had a fateful, near-fatal confrontation with the woman believed to be her romantic rival.

Did Lisa intend to kidnap–or kill–Air Force captain Colleen Shipman because she was involved with fellow astronaut William Oefelein? What was the nature of Lisa’s connection with William: True love or dangerous obsession? As the details of Lisa’s news-making journey unfolded–she donned a disguise, even wore a diaper during her 900-mile car ride to find Colleen–Americans couldn’t help but wonder: Why?

In this captivating account, master crime journalist Diane Fanning goes straight to the heart of the case. Through interviews with key family members, friends, and colleagues, the author reveals for the first time the real story behind the headlines–and casts a light on Lisa’s groundbreaking fall from grace.


“I was astonished by how good this book was–insightful, well-written and fascinating.”

Hugh Aynesworth – Four time Pulitzer Prize nominee

“Having worked at NASA and consulted them for many years, you absolutely amazed me with your discussion of technical details of NASA procedures and in making them interesting. You are an exceptional writer.”


“What a powerful story. As a former Naval Officer, I could definitely relate to some of the psychological stresses that she endured. You portrayed the story with such compassion and touched on many issues that have never been addressed.”


“I was so intriqued by the NASA history in OUT THERE. Fascinating. I was also impressed by the social economic aspect of women’s history in the book. Women, like minority members, have had to work harder and better to prove themselves in this world. It is still a struggle.” 


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